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For me, Mika (pronounced Meeka), it all started with the strong woman in this photo.  A regular crafter, she learned watching her mother perfect her craft over the years.  She is a strong Oneida woman born of the Six Nations Reservation near the city of Brantford, Ontario.  In her I see strength, resilience and no one more proud of their heritage.  To her I say Nyaweh.   My father is Oneida and my mother is Mohawk both who are also crafters.

From her I found a love in the art of crafting.  I continually work to perfect my craft and hope that others can find appreciation in my work.  All of my pieces are custom-made with no two pieces being identically the same. In producing my dream catchers and jewelry, I incorporate macrame, charms, and healing stones which has become my other passion.  Aside from all of the custom made product please click on the links for other product and accessories we have available.   I hope my craft brings happiness, healing and spiritual enlightening.

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