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Shé:kon! I'm Mika, a proud First Nations Mohawk, and the founder of Indigenous Dreams. Two years ago, I embarked on this journey to inspire positive change in the world and to showcase my art. My primary mission revolves around shedding light on the true history of Kanata through education. Beyond that, I am dedicated to making Indigenous art easily accessible, sharing the rich cultural tapestry that defines us. Join me on this meaningful path of enlightenment and appreciation for Indigenous heritage!

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For me, Mika (pronounced Meeka), it all started with my amazing grandmother. A regular crafter, From her I found a love in the art of crafting, and that's why I continually work hard to perfect my craft and hope that others can find appreciation in my work. All of my pieces are custom-made with no two pieces being identically the same. In production of my dream catchers and jewelry, I incorporate macrame, charms, and healing stones. I create all of my crafts with the intent that they will bring happiness, healing and spiritual enlightenment.

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